Steps to Setup an OAuth App in Sharepoint

Steps to Setup an OAuth app in Sharepoint

  • Identify the Site where you want the Document Library on.

    • Eg "" This is your site address
  • Goto https://{your site_address}/_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx

  • You will be presented with the screen below if you have the right access

    Sharepoint access screen
  • Click Generate to generate a Client Id & a Client Secret

  • Add Any Title, Generally "Cloud Elements"

  • App Domain is generally eg (

  • The redirect URL will always be

  • You Will need the ClientId, Client Secret, and the sharepoint site address to provision your Element.

  • The Only other Property you will need is the default name of the Document Library. In Most Cases unless you have changed it, It will be Shared Documents

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