How do you ensure data privacy?

  1. Our streams use https. Most information is not persisted (kept) anywhere on our system, only streamed.

  2. If any information is information stored on our servers is encrypted at rest at with 256 bit encryption.

  3. The data we do have on our servers would be:

    1. Time of API call start and end The JSON we need to trigger our endpoint applications.

    2. The JSON on some services logs a file path name on the endpoint.

    3. Tags attached to each transmission programmatically that you as the end user have programmed to “tag” the transmission as.  For example, you may tag all files from a certain company, so when an ID is used, a tag on that file as you have defined is associated with that transmission.

    4. The OAuth token and/or user name/password for the end system.  All ID’s are tokenized as well as encrypted at rest with 256 bit encryption.

    5. On our Documents Hub, if you select and option to "batch files" we persist the data temporarily on our servers in order to "batch" the files and then after sending the batch, we delete any information stored temporally.  Most files are streamed without touching our servers.
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