2.1.15 Release Notes - 10.12.2014

Release Notes: 2.1.15 release

Release date: October 12, 2014 



  • Object Discovery: API now supports calls to discover available object and field name metadata per endpoint.


  • Zendesk:
    •  Now provide API calls to add and get the incident history for incidents in the Zendesk Element, can get any history data for incidents
    • New API calls to CRUD+S priorities, improving the ability to manage priorities in Zendesk
    • New API calls to upload/download/delete attachments in Zendesk Element

Resolved Issues:

  • Console:
    • Alerts in Message Center fixed
  • Documentation:
    • Element documentation automatically expands when Documentation link is clicked from Console
  • Documents Hub:
    • Fixed downloading of files that have Non-ASCII characters in path and/or filename
    • Resolved issue with inconsistent Folder Metadata
    • Amazon S3: Resolved issue with returning folder metadata when executing PATCH against /folders/metadata Sharepoint: Resolved issue with returning the path field for root folder
    • Sharepoint: Resolved missing path metadata when calling GET /files/metadata?path=/
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