Zendesk Great Plains App: Installation and Use


The Zendesk Great Plains App by Cloud Elements allows customer service representatives instant access to your Customers' current account status in Great Plains. The App automatically looks up the current customer from new and existing contacts in Zendesk.

How to Install

  1. In order to connect to the Microsoft Dynamics API, you will need to enable webservices runtime for your Great Plains installation.
  2. This App is compatible with Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics version 2013.
  3. Please follow these instructions to enable webservices:
  4. Installing Great Plains Webservices Runtime (Community Article)
  5. Make sure to install/enable the Great Plains Legacy endpoint.
  6. If your instance of Great Plains is situated behind a firewall, you may need to work with your IT department to setup firewall rules that allow webservices connections
  7. For users of Cloud Elements' North American hosted instance, please white-list the following IP addresses for our app servers:
  8. For users of Cloud Elements' European hosted instance, please white-list the following IP addresses for our app servers:
  9. As a Zendesk Administrator, navigate to the Apps marketplace
  10. Search for ‘Great Plains’
  11. Click ‘Install App’ at right.
  12. Fill out your Installation details:

  13. Click 'Install' in the installation window.

How to Use

  1. Navigate to a ticket in Zendesk
  2. Click the 'Apps' button to expose the apps frame:

  3. Using your customer's Zendesk Organization name as a key, the App will search for your customer's information in Great Plains, including their contact info, as well as the most recent Invoice and Payment, if present:

  4. Expand the arrow to reveal Invoice or Payment Details:

  5. Sometimes the customer doesn't have an organization yet in Zendesk. In this case, "(create)" will appear next to their organization name. You can still look them up in Great Plains. Click "Change Customer":

  6. Type the Customer's Company Name in the lookup text field and hit Enter:

  7. There may be multiple potential matches found in Great Plains. Select the correct one and click the Checkbox:

  8. The App will lookup the customer in Great Plains and display the Customer Information. (The customer example below has no invoices/payments in Great Plains):

Changing Display Settings (Administrator)

  1. Zendesk Admins can change settings for the display of the app.
  2. Click the Gear icon:

  3. Expand the arrow next to the display section you wish to customize:

  4. Use the check-boxes to turn on and off fields that you wish to display or not:

  5. Click "Save and Go Back" when done:

Change your Great Plains Connection Settings (Administrator)

  1. As a Zendesk Administrator, go to the Zendesk Gear icon
  2. Go to Apps -> Manage
  3. Select the Gear Icon and Change Settings:

  4. Make the needed adjustments and be sure to check the "New Settings" checkbox. Click "Update" to save:

  5. Go back to a Ticket. You'll need to Refresh the app:

  6. The App will connect to Great Plains using the new settings, and display the Customer's Information:

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