2.5.14 Release Notes - 12.12.2014

Release Notes: 2.5.14 release

Release date: December 12, 2014


  • Elements
    • Bulk Upload capability for Eloqua, Hubspot and Elements
    • New Marketo Element in the Marketing Hub (Private Beta)* 
  • Platform
    • Webhooks (Private Beta*). Register your app's callback URL with Cloud Elements and receive events sent by supported vendors. Receive notifications about an update or change in the vendor environment, routed back through Cloud Elements.
    • Transforms (Public Beta)
      • Updated Transforms and Objects API schema
      • Transformations may be registered object-by-object.
    • Discovery APIs. Discover available objects and fields for a vendor endpoint.

    * Private betas are available by request several advanced features for those who want to get a preview look at new features that aren't quite production-ready. If you are interested in a Private Beta, feel free to contact our customer success team.

Resolved Issues:

  • Beta Elements
    • Volusion
      • GET /abandoned-checkouts: Fixed issue with incorrect message always responds with 'a where clause is required'
      • POST /products, POST /customers: Fixed return status code for duplicates
      • Fixed issue where element-total-count fails to be returned in headers when no objects are returned.
      • POST /orders: Fixed returned model schema
    •  Shopify
      • POST /customers: Fixed response code when trying to create a duplicate
      • Refund, Order payments, AbandonedCheckout model schemas are now displayed
      • Fixed paging for orders/refunds
  • Documents Hub
    • Google Drive: DELETE of a file or folder now sends the object to the Trash by default. An object must then be DELETE'd from the trash again to achieve permanent deletion.
  • Platform
    • Protect against element deletion if the Element has an active transformatiion
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