2.9.19 Release Notes - 2.15.2015


  • Documents Hub
    • Events for Google Drive
  • Marketing Hub
    • Marketo add contact to campaign
    • Eloqua campaigns
  • eCommerce Hub Events Framework:
    • Events for Shopify
    • Events for Ecwid
  • Finance Hub
    • Time activities for Quickbooks
  • DataMapper bug fixes/enhancements
    • Warning Message raised to indicate when an existing transform will be overwritten on save
  • API Documentation Enhancements (Model Schemas):
    • Salesforce CRM
    • SugarCRM
    • Ecwid eCommerce
    • Quickbooks
  • Console Logging Enhancements
    • Added Response code and link to provider message in console log
  • Help Desk Hub
    • Jira Object Discovery and Transforms
  • New Beta Element:
    • Oracle Service Cloud


Bug Fixes

  • Messaging Hub: Fixed issue where Multipart Form POST was required to send message
  • Marketo Element: Fixed bug with POST /lists/{listId}/contacts
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