2.11.16 Release Notes - 3.15.2015


  • AutoTask Helpdesk element
  • AutoTask CRM element
  • Beta Elements:
    • Dynamics CRM element (beta)
    • Evernote element (beta)
  • Sharepoint events
  • Marketing Hub Visitor Activities: Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot
  • Automatic refresh of Google Drive event channel
  • Jira: Normalized Events
  • Console UI Enhancements
    • Console UI "Gear" dropdown menu

Bug Fixes

  • User Secret Different between POST /accounts/{accountId}/users and GET /users/{userId}
  • Cannot Delete ZenDesk instance due to null ID
  • Fixed incomplete response model for Eloqua Campaigns
  • Fixed problem with Eloqua PUT /campaigns/{id}/contacts
  • Fixed Pardot PATCH /lists/{listdId}/contacts/{contactId}
  • Added Missing Activity model for Hubspot and Marketo
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