2.6 Release Notes - 1.3.2015


  • Bug Fixes
    • Marketing, eCommerce and Finance Hubs (see below for details)
  • Features:
    • Hubspot: Support for contact workflows

Resolved Issues:

  • Beta Elements
    • Marketing: Hubspot
      • PATCH /campaigns: fixed 500 response
      • POST /campaigns: documentation fixed to show correct fields
      • Fixed issue in console where editing an Instance creates a new Instance
    • Marketing: Marketo
      • Added validation for Lastname and email fields
      • GET /campaigns/{id}: no longer returns 400 when querying an invalid ID
      • PATCH /contacts/{id}: validates required fields in JSON
      • GET /contacts/{id}: fixed "Failed to parse" response and 500 error
      • POST /contacts: for duplicate record no longer returns response code of 400.
      • GET /bulk/{id}/status: Fixed 400 response code returned when using invalid ID.
      •  GET/lists/{listId}/contacts/{id} - Fixed 400 response code returned when using invalid ID.
      • GET /List: return correct response body
      • POST /bulk/lists - Fixed 500 response code, when only "metadata" input filed is used.
      • POST /lists/{id}/contacts - Corrected Model Schema/Response class with id
    • Marketing: Eloqua
      • GET /list: implemented WHERE clause
    • Helpdesk: Jira
      • GET /incidents: fixed missing totalCount and returnedCount in response header.
      •  POST /incidents: fixed model schema to show correct required fields 
    • eCommerce: Volusion
      • POST /products: Fixed failed call when including a ProductID in request JSON
    • eCommerce: Ecwid
      • GET /products: fixed erroneous 502 Status returned when invalid ID is used in where condition for category
      • GET /payments: added support for WHERE Clause
      • GET /payments/{id}: fixed "Not found" when using valid ID
      • GET /orders/{id}/payments: Fixed search using WHERE
    • Finance: GreatPlains
      • POST /employees: Fixed "Unknown internal error" with response code 500,when required NameType fields are not used.
      • PATCH /invoices/{id}: fixed empty array in the response body with response code 200.
      • GET /classes/{id}: Fixed incorrect response code and message
      • GET /purchase-orders: Fixed inconsistencies in WHERE condition for "transactionState" and "status" fields.
      • Corrected wrong auto-generated input/value for ASMX Service Location url field when provisioning in the console.
  • Console:
    • Fixed password reset messaging for users that use OAuth to login. 
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