Zendesk Volusion Installation Guide


The Zendesk Volusion App by Cloud Elements allows customer service representatives instant access to your Customers' current account status in Volusion. The Zendesk Volusion App automatically looks up the current customer from new and existing contacts in Zendesk.

Endpoint Setup

Follow these steps to set up a new Volusion Application. Via a web browser go to and login as the admin.

1. Click “Manage Store” on the left hand side panel


2. Login to your store front

3. Under Inventory, click "Import/Export"

4. Click "Volusion API"

5. Make sure you enable public XML for both “Featured Products” and “All Products”

6. Click "Save"

7. Scroll down to the Generic orders section, under Accounts and click “Run”

8. Click “Run”

9.Copy the URL returned from the “Run” command

An example of the URL copied in the previous step can be seen below:

The beginning portion of the URL is your store URL – ‘’. Then the login email –, and finally the EncryptedPassword – 64F3C0572DB54CB36951010E7200418E79AC678214B366FBD4E

Each of these items is required to install the app on Zendesk.

How to Install

  1. As a Zendesk Administrator, navigate to the Apps marketplace
  2. Search for Volusion.
  3. Click ‘Install App’ at right.
  4. Input your Site Address, Login Email, Encrypted Password and click 'Install' in the installation window:

  5. Initialize the connection to Volusion
  6. First, navigate to a ticket
  7. Click the ‘Apps’ button to expose the Apps frame.

  8. You may need to enable Popups for the site:

  9. You may need to refresh the application:

How to Use

  1. Click "Change Customer" to reveal the search field.

  2. Using your customer's email address as a lookup key, the App will search for your customer's information in Volusion, including their contact info, as well as the most recent Order, if present:

  3. Expand the arrow to reveal Customer Info, Order Details:

  4. You can always change/customize the customer lookup by inputting another customer email and clicking the search button:

  5. The app will lookup the new customer and display the available data if present. Note when you open a section that does not contain data, that the app alerts you if no Invoices are present in Volusion:

Changing Display Settings (Administrator)

  1. Zendesk Admins can change settings for the display of the app.
  2. Click the Gear icon:

  3. Expand the arrow next to the display section you wish to customize:

  4. Use the check-boxes to turn on and off fields that you wish to display or not:

  5. Click "Save and refresh Volusion" when done:

 Connect using a Different Volusion Account (Administrator)

  1. Go to the Zendesk Gear icon
  2. Go to Apps -> Manage
  3. Select the Gear Icon and Change Settings:

  4. Input Site Address, new credentials and click the Update button.

  5. Go back to a Ticket. You'll be asked to "Re-connect or refresh Volusion"


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