2.46 Release Notes - January 9, 2015

  • Element
  • PipeDrive multiple company accounts
  • Element Builder Instance Creation Step
  • ConnectWise Element enhancements
  • Allbound Element enhancements
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
Jira Issues:
----- Story -----

CE-3041: Thread pool segmentation across the platform - Phase 2

CE-3107: Element

CE-3186: PipeDrive - client has accounts for multiple companies

CE-3326: Element Builder Instance Creation Step in UI

CE-3328: Better error handling in Element Builder UI

CE-3336: ConnectWise Help Desk /incident model wrong

CE-3370: Have executions API pull in the trigger.body from the event 

CE-3393: ConnectWise Element Enhancements

CE-3398: Debug cycle in the element process (Try It out)

CE-3501: Allbound Element - allow setting of X-API-VERSION

CE-3506: Allbound Element - allow where clause on GET /users

----- Bug -----

CE-3443: Hubspot not passing through all error messages

CE-3467: Unable to Search on Custom Fields

CE-3484: Updating Keys of Cloned element in your account, destroys the
          configs for all Elements

CE-3486: Inactive formulas sill execute 

CE-3520: A legacy webhook formula subscription can result in duplicate
          formula executions

CE-3523: Brighttalk Marketo Fix
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