Production Release 2.47 Scheduled for 1.19.2016 at 5:30 PM MST

Staging Release Notes for 2.47 Include:

CE-2915: Formulas - Distribution of step execution - Phase 1

CE-3287: Persist polling statistics to the EVENT_POLLER_RECORD table

CE-3369: Load testing for formulas

CE-3379: "JS Customization" and "Try it Out" should now be visible for
          Object Management 

CE-3394: Add Bulk to Volusion

CE-3425: Ability to re-provision an instance without authentication
          when possible

CE-3473: Freshdesk: Add discovery APIs

CE-3477: Implement Basic authentication for the BigCommerce element

CE-3495: Element Builder improvements and few defects

CE-3497: Move Flickr and Google Photos to Social Hub

CE-3510: Build Sage One Element

CE-3559: Expensify element for Sage POC

----- Bug -----

CE-3498: Replace Freshdesk, Freshservice, Google Photos, and Instagram
          images in console

CE-3502: Incorrect element instance ID and name in trigger.body

CE-3526: GreatPlains: transactionState search bug

CE-3545: Bug: Retrieve instance executions for sub-account

CE-3548: FreshDesk Incidents transformation is not working

CE-3553: Unable to update an object in a script step from a previous
          script step

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