Production Release 2.50 Completed on 2.7.2016

  • Hubspot Workflow web hooks
  • FieldLocate element
  • Event payload element instance tags
  • Element Builder enhancements
  • Object definition fallback
  • Millions of bugathon bug fixes.
Jira Issues:
----- Story -----
CE-2926: HubSpot Element - Workflow web hooks support
CE-3253: FieldAware FieldLocate Element
CE-3512: Product Request: Event Payload - Add Tags from associated
          Element Instance.
CE-3513: Microsoft: OneNote O365 Authentication
CE-3692: Elements Builder - Web hooks enhancements
CE-3696: Elements Builder - Add ability for OAUTH1 request type to be
          header or query
CE-3699: Elements Builder -  Hard to use response_body and
          vendor_request_body because of String
CE-3703: Elements Builder -  Resources name display is long
CE-3716: Elements Builder -  Add Oauth1 request type on UI for Oauth1
CE-3718: Elements Builder - Split Root Key for request and response
CE-3721: Elements Builder -  Ability to add Script for handle Events
CE-3742: Fallback to object definition and/or object metadata for
          field type and vendorType
----- Bug -----
CE-2557: [Hubspot Marketing] PATCH /workflows/workflowsId/contacts
          returns 400
CE-2973: Url Encode keyword changing space to a +
CE-2985: [SFDC Servicecloud] POST, PATCH, DELETE for
          /resources/articles returns 500
CE-3090: [Onedrivev2] POST /folders missing model and model schema to
          the right of body field
CE-3155: No default object level being set in the datamapper
CE-3172: [Dynamics CRM] GET /bulk/errors missing from Swagger
CE-3313: Server URL does not throw correct error when instantiating an
CE-3356: Eloqua DELETE /leads returns a 404
CE-3362: Email Not Accepted on Account Creation
CE-3416: Empty error message displayed when failing to create a
          netsuite element instance
CE-3454: Pipedrive missing model schema next to "Body" field on Posts.
          Existing models contain errors.
CE-3457: Jira ticket creation fails with 500 error
CE-3458: Jira ticket deletion fails with 500 error
CE-3525: Events being dropped
CE-3531: [Evernote] Unable to provision Evernote instance
CE-3538: Googlephotos tests all return a 404
CE-3551: Error message for hitting back or delete while console is
          loading needs improvement
CE-3556: [SFDC Marketing] Error messages for failed requests aren't
CE-3557: [Volusion] System returns 500 when returnTotalCount=true but
          0 elements returned
CE-3561: Bad error handling when PUT formulas
CE-3583: Staging Timeout Bug - Unable to log in until clearing cache
CE-3604: Formula executions screen is slow with many executions
CE-3607: Marketo Documentation Update
CE-3609: NetSuite returns UPDATED event type for every event
CE-3618: GET request in Zendesk for Agents and Incident-Types returns
          empty array
CE-3619: Transformations window does not refresh session
CE-3651: Deleting Last Element Instance in Console Never Hides UI Mask
CE-3662: Act-On element instances failing OAuth refresh
CE-3663: [Elements Builder] POST images for Typeform requires path
CE-3672: [Element Builder] Ghost jpg shows up and doesn't load when
          Try it Out is hit
CE-3673: [Element Builder] Resource List doesn't refresh and
          overwrites labels
CE-3686: Datamapper - Object name displays blank when selected from My
          Objects on left
CE-3687: Elements Builder - Unable to try it out until element is
CE-3688: Elements Builder - Password field is not showing as password
          while creating the instance
CE-3689: Elements Builder -  No proper error message displayed if
          creating an instance fails
CE-3695: Elements Builder -  Configuration-Prehook is not getting
CE-3698: Elements Builder -  When general hub is used unable to
          execute API's
CE-3700: Elements Builder - During importing an element, if Hub is not
          present throws an exception
CE-3701: Act-On element refreshes errytime we make a request
CE-3702: Elements Builder -  Resources CSS shows as unselected even if
          a resource is selected
CE-3708: Elements Builder -  Resources screen Element Instance doesn't
          pre-populate some times even if there is one present
CE-3722: Elements Builder -  Styling event script hook
CE-3737: SalesForce GET /{objectName}/fields/{fieldName} should return
          more info (zendesk tickets:
CE-3755: Formulas - context is not serializable in some cases
CE-3763: Marketo POST Leads returns 404 in Instances with Missing
          Default Field (zendesk tickets: 1609)
CE-3767: Sailthru is using the wrong API to test credentials (zendesk
CE-3773: Element Builder breaks when click new element
CE-3776: GET /leads behavior inconsistent with other objects for
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