2.48 Production Release Notes - January 23, 2016

  • HireRight Element
  • Pardot API enhancements and fixes
  • Sharepoint document libraries
  • OAuth refresh and webhook failure email notifications
  • Webhook retry timeframe extended
  • Hubspot Bulkloader load metadata by ID
  • Zoho CRM Notes resource
  • Separate Formula error emails
  • Bug fixes
Jira Issues:
----- Story -----
CE-2868: IQNavigator HR Element - Phase 1
CE-2943: HireRight Element - Phase 3
CE-3262: Pardot element enhancements and fixes
CE-3341: Investigate Sharepoint Needs to filter out system folders
          from GET /folders/contents
CE-3419: Email instance owner on OAuth refresh failure
CE-3420: Sailthru Instance needs to verify credentials on provisioning
CE-3421: Unable to delete an element instance with an associated alert
CE-3429: Extend Webhook Retry Timeframe: Nintex
CE-3437: Webhook Failure Notifications: Nintex
CE-3440: Hubspot Bulkloader: Add ability to load meta data by ID (for
          handing custom fields)
CE-3465: IQN - complete events for HR element
CE-3469: Add Zoho Notes resource API
CE-3481: KissMetrics MailChimp list load
CE-3550: Formula Errors Need Separate Emails
CE-3555: Enhance OAuth2 Helper to Handle Concur Non Standard Fields
CE-3586: BUG!! Dropbox GET /file/{id}/links resource.
----- Bug -----
CE-3216: Pagination may fail if returned/total count not set
CE-3444: Seeing "upstream sent invalid chunked response" logs in nginx
CE-3595: elementRequest trigger not displaying methods in method
          dropdown in FB UI
CE-3597: Events not firing on EB elements when there is a Script Hook
CE-3621: Datamapper ignoring metadata fields when opening an existing
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