Production Release 2.49 Completed on 1.31.2016

  • Shopify capability for cloning and adding resources
  • ServiceNow polling, discovery, and transformation
  • Dropbox CREATED event consistency
  • Zoho element Events and Calls resources
  • Bug fixes
Jira Issues:
----- Bug -----
CE-3175: Dynamics CRM returns 500 for a invalid search query
CE-3596: Voldemort GET /objects/{objectName}/metadata returns object
          for the fields of  type array
CE-3601: is not provisionable in Production
CE-3603: Try it out duplicate step names
CE-3642: HireRight Element description needs work
CE-3660: Hubspot converts associate arrays into strings
CE-3664: Zoho CRM /users API throws 500
CE-3691: Unable to Map State Abbreviation in Cintell Transformation
          (zendesk tickets: 1541)
CE-3705: FreshDesk Events do not come back with any data.  (zendesk
CE-3724: ServiceNow script fail
----- Story -----
CE-3332: Shopify need to be Voldemortized so cloning and adding
          resources is possible
CE-3333: ServiceNow Element Enhancements
CE-3423: Need CREATED event consistent across documents hub
CE-3562: Bulkloader: Add Events and Calls for Zoho
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