How do I monitor changes on Salesforce?

In SFDC we have two types of events. Webhooks and Polling. For webhooks we actually create an apex class and trigger on provision that will send us webhooks. This is great unless the user has a production environment where those type of changes are not allowed. For that reason I recommend using polling.

To configure webhooks or polling you need to give it the following:

1. Events Enabled must be set to true in the Cloud Elements SFDC instance.

2. Event Notification callback URL: This is the URL that we will POST webhooks to. This would be an API in your platform that we can send events to (or a request bin for testing).

3. Objects To Monitor for Changes: This is a comma separated list of objects that we will send events for. Use the GET /objects api to get a list of available objects. Note: these are case sensitive so format them like this: Account, Contact, Opportunity, ContentDocument, CustomObjects__c

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