Cloud Elements Transformation Behavior Change Notification

We have identified a defect in the Javascript execution engine for transformation/mappings. When Javascript associated with a transformation fails due to a runtime error (due to invalid JS code), the transformed payload without the Javascript applied is returned instead of an error.

A fix for this issue will be released on 03/20 to our Production environment. As a result of this fix, any Javascript in transformations, which fails to execute because of a runtime error (due to invalid Javascript code), a 400 with the JS execution error message will be returned from the API. As your application may not expecting such an error, it could affect the functioning of your applications that consume our APIs

Please ensure that any Javascript code you have implemented for transformations is valid and free of runtime errors, so that your applications will continue to function without any issues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Support Team at

Thank You!
Cloud Elements Team

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