Production Release 2.64 Completed on 5.15.2016


FreshdeskV2 element leveraging their REST API

  • Upgraded the freshdesk integration to use Freshdesk's REST api.
  • Upgraded authentication to use an api key instead of username / password.

Event payload optimizations

  • In order to optimize the formula context, we no longer include a array, but instead, users should use the trigger.event payload (represents the event that kicked off this formula)
NOTE: All existing formulas that were relying on this array, have been updated due to this change

Implement event handling and deleted ids endpoint for ZohoCRM

  • Introduced a Zoho specific endpoint for polling deleted IDs, and added support for handling those events
  • EXAMPLE CONFIGURATION (covers create/update/delete events for contacts):{ "contacts": { "url": "/hubs/crm/contacts?where='Modified Time'>'${date:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}'", "idField": "CONTACTID", "datesConfiguration": { "updatedDateField": "['Modified Time']", "updatedDateFormat": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss", "createdDateField": "['Created Time']", "createdDateFormat": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" }, "updatedDateTimezone": "MST" }, "contacts-deleted": { "url": "/hubs/crm/deletedIds/contacts?where=lastModifiedTime='${date:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}'", "idField": "objectId", "filterByUpdatedDate": false } }

Zendesk user events

  • Zendesk element support for polling events for users

Brandfolder element

  • New Brandfolder element
  • Added support for events webhook (managed through the Brandfolder UI)

SQL Server Element

  • New SQL Server Element allowing integration into a SQLServer database Webhooks Support

  • Introduce support for webhooks. This requires you to register your specific instance URL with
  • Currently only webhooks for the lead object in are supported (this is a limitation of

Hubspot provisioning fix

  • Fixed Hubspot provisioning issue if Hubspot's APIs are not working

Chargebee updated scripts for events and pagination

  • Fixed the events to fetch the resource ID instead of event ID in the events response.
  • Changed the resources descriptions.

Fixed bug where formula instance execution status was not accurate

  • Fixed bug where formula instance execution status was showing success whereas it should have showed false when anelementRequest step failed.

Update Dropbox For business element name

  • Change "Dropbox for Business" name to "Dropbox Business"

ZohoCRM Native Types and additional Meta Information

  • Enhance getObjectMetaData API to return Vendor specific information, vendorDisplayName, vendorNativeType, vendorRequired, vendorReadOnly

Fixed next page issue on Marketo Changes and Deleted Contacts endpoint

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly setting the next page token for contact changes and deleted contacts endpoints.
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