Production Release 2.63 Completed on 5.08.2016


External authentication provisioning

  • Allow for provisioning OAuth2 and OAuth1 Elements that have been authenticated externally, using theexternalAuthentication parameter on an instance payload.
  • This indicates that a customer has performed Authentication on their own but would now like Cloud Elements to take over Authentication
  • The instance will NOT be editable or reprovisionable via the Console
  • Example payload for a Salesforce Instance -{ "element": { "key": "sfdc" }, "configuration": { "oauth.user.refresh_token": "OAUTH_REFRESH_TOKEN", "oauth.api.key": "OAUTH_API_KEY (Client Id)", "oauth.api.secret": "OAUTH_API_SECRET (Client Secret)" }, "tags": [ "SFDC Token" ], "name": "SFDC Token", "externalAuthentication": "initial" }

EventMobi v1 element

  • EventMobi v1 element in the new Event Conferencing hub. Resources include events, sections and items. Events for new items of type "attendees" are also supported.

Additional Hook definitions

  • Definitions for CEQL expression translation



Stripe Element

  • New Stripe element, including support for events and bulk.

Quickbooks Desktop Element Enhancements

  • Added Following Resources
    • Currency
    • Item Enhancements
    • CreditMemo
    • ItemReceipt
    • BillPaymentCheck- No Create or Update
    • BillPaymentCreditCard - No Create or Update
    • SalesReceipt
    • ItemInventory
    • ItemNonInventory
    • ItemDiscount
    • ItemSalesTax
    • ItemService
    • ItemPayment

Generate AWS Lambdas from elements and element operations

  • AWS Lambda functions can be generated for an element
  • A single AWS Lambda function can be generated for all operations of an element or separate Lambda functions can be generated per operation
  • Currently, only Node 4.3 based Lambda functions are generated

Formula instance execution status is now more accurate

  • When a filter step returns false as the last step in your formula, the overall status of the formula instance execution nows shows "successful" as opposed to "failure".

Added changed-contacts and deleted-contacts API for Marketo.

  • Enhanced Marketo API to for deleted contacts via API /deleted-contacts
  • Enhanced Marketo API to get changed contacts via API /changed-contacts


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